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REVIVE offers the latest development in cryo slimming technology. We use localized cryotherapy, also known as targeted cryotherapy, which is a non-invasive body sculpting method that will take up to 2 inches off your waistline. It can also be used to trim unwanted fat from your arms, thighs and other problem areas, with absolutely zero down time and no painful side effects!

Fat Freezing and Skin Tightening

With this safe and effective body sculpting method, your skin surface is cooled between 32° - 39°F within seconds, which starts the immediate process of isolating and eliminating fat cells without causing harm or damage to skin and other body tissues. Fat cells are then absorbed into the digestive system and eliminated by the body’s natural waste management functions.

Clients often experience an instant loss of as much as an inch around their waistline, as well as tightening of flabby skin which regains its elasticity over the course of the treatment process, leaving a feeling of complete rejuvenation and enthusiasm.

Each pain free cryo sculpting session takes just 6 –8 minutes on average. Ongoing treatments can continue up to six months in order to achieve and maintain optimal results.


Cryo Slimming & Cryo Toning
Powered by Cryolipolysis

At REVIVE, our Cryo Slimming & Cryo Toning treatments are powered by Cryolipolysis – a proven body sculpting treatment method that destroys fat cells. This cold treatment technology causes targeted fat cells to die off, which in medical terms is referred to as apoptosis.

The fat loss you achieve can be a permanent result when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies reproduce fat cells continuously, so long term results depend on the choices we make. With Cryo Slimming through localized cryotherapy treatment, the results are as high as 20% fat loss, which is quite remarkable and much safer and less invasive than treatments like liposuction.

Unlike older techniques using FATFREEZE methods, our Cryolipolysis system can be suited to your individual needs with little or no side effects. Problem areas can be targeted to remove fat from your abdomen, eliminating “muffin top” flab, as well as fat on your jawline, arms, legs, buttocks and back, leaving you feeling youthful and fit!

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