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This safe and effective method quickly breaks down fat tissues which are then naturally eliminated from the body, leaving surrounding tissues healthy and undamaged.


A quick, effective method of stimulating the repair of tissue damage, reducing inflammation and speeding up your recovery.

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Fat tissues are broken down and naturally eliminated from the body, leaving surrounding tissues intact.

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A relaxing facial treatment which smooths out wrinkles and reduces fine lines in the most delicate areas around the eyes, mouth, nose and neck.

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A relaxing and completely hygienic method to experience the benefits of weightless floating without the need to be immersed in water.

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A faster, more effective way to reduce inflammation, reduce tissue damage, and speed up recovery

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An invigorating dry sauna using infrared heat to repair muscle and tissue damage, heal wounds and injuries, detoxify impurities and more.


Developed by a physician bioengineer to increase blood flow, reduce soreness and speed up the healing process for sports injuries and improved performance.

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