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Get relief from painful symptoms by decreasing inflammation and swelling after an injury or surgery while increasing circulation to enhance healing and recovery with our localized cryotherapy treatments. Other benefits include increased mobility in your joints, a noticeable reduction in pain levels and, a boost to your immune system which helps aid in healing during the recovery process.


The Kaasen™ is like an icepack on steroids!

  • Move without pain

  • Reduce inflammation to decrease potential tissue damaged tissue caused by swelling

  • Speed up your treatment plan - injury rehabilitation can begin as early as 7 days sooner

  • Accelerate recovery time with “thermal shock” cold treatment

  • Increase range of motion

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“Cryotherapy” literally translated is “treatment using low temperature” and is used as a complementary modality to a variety of therapeutics for both chronic and acute damage to tissues caused by surgery or an injury. It can also be applied to enhance any type of sports or fitness training regimen and is simple, quick and easy. The Kaasen device used at REVIVE provides relief through localized cryotherapy, which basically involves blasting supercool air at the point of pain and immediate surrounding areas. 


The goal of cold application to an injury is to promote the body’s natural reaction to the cold temperature. When the body is significantly cooled, it kicks off an almost magical response that promotes tissue recovery as one of the many benefits. This method of cooling is referred to as “thermal shock” and has historically been applied with the use of ice packs, ice baths, cold plates and even placing the patient in a cryo chamber to treat the whole body. While these methods have traditionally offered great benefits, they don’t provide the most optimal cooling level to a targeted area. They also don’t offer the combination of pressure and cooling key to the amazing results you only see with Kaasen ™ treatments.

The Kaasen™ treatments use a unique process to deliver both COMPRESSION and ICE rapidly and simultaneously to the localized area. The Kaasen™ employs the use of localized cryotherapy to cool the targeted area of the body to 4 degrees Celsius (around 39 degrees Fahrenheit) with the use of liquid carbon dioxide to stimulate a natural response in the body. This process is called “thermal shock,” but it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds! It’s very safe and is usually accompanied by an immediate relief from pain.

During this process, the body responds to the rapidly applied cold temperature resulting in an immediate increase in blood flow to the area. Nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood floods the treated tissue, enhancing the healing process. Hormones like norepinephrine and neurotransmitters,  including beta-dopamine are also driven to the treated area, while lymphatic drainage is improved, which reduces inflammation and eliminates toxins.

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