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Zerobody dry floatation is the new, more convenient way to experience the benefits of zero gravity floating in over 400 liters (approximately 105 gallons) of warm water. Traditionally, flotation therapy has involved submerging your body in salt water. Because the float tanks are often shared by many users, hygiene was always a concern.

With Zerobody dry floatation, your hygiene is 100% guaranteed. Since there is no need to touch the water, there is no need for showers or dressing rooms. Enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating float experience has never been easier or more convenient!



Flotation is a tranquil method to regenerate the mind and body. Its benefits cover a broad range, from treating insomnia to helping with chronic pain and injuries to alleviating stress and more. It can enhance your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as help in athletic recovery and recovery from injuries.

When you are floating at zero gravity, specific parts of the brain are stimulated which initiates a physiological response directly opposite to what your body experiences during stress. This can help to enhance mental performance and calm emotions. You’ll experience a tranquil state similar to that evoked in deep meditation.



Zerobody dry float is the ultimate way to reap the many benefits of floatation. Rather than being in the water, you are floating in a completely dry environment for the ultimate flotation experience. This makes it very easy and convenient to enjoy at any time. There is no need to change clothes or shower afterwards. It’s as easy as lying down on a bed.

When you lay down in the Zerobody, rigid panels slowly drop you into the soft warm embrace of 400 liters of water, while staying completely dry thanks to the innovative membrane. You can wear whatever you are comfortable in while you relax and enjoy your full floatation experience. 

Our sessions also offer the option of relaxing soft colors and music to enhance your mood. You’ll customize your session to ensure optimal results and a thoroughly relaxing and memorable experience.


Joint and muscle pain relief
Improved circulation
Release of spinal tension
Athletic recovery



Diminish stress and anxiety
Enhance mood
Reduce insomnia and improve sleep
Improve concentration and focus

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