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Infrared sauna produces heat to penetrate your body, enabling it to heal from the inside. Infrared heat deeply penetrates to help repair muscles and heal wounds, as well as detoxify your body and more!



Good Health Infrared Sauna treatments provide a variety of lasting benefits to overall health for those of all age groups, different activity levels with varying conditions - whether pre-existing or new. The deep heat produced by the infrared sauna penetrates to help heal from the inside, providing relief to sore or injured muscles, while detoxifying the body.


Unlike traditional saunas which use steam to heat only the air circulating around you, infrared saunas use a deep penetrating heat directly to the body. It can help with deep sleep and improved immunity, reducing flu and colds. The variety of benefits provided by our sauna will leave you feeling your rejuvenated best! Using Good Health Infrared Sauna treatments can ultimately enhance your overall wellbeing so you can live a happier, healthier life!

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Good Health Infrared Sauna treatments are one of the only ways to deliver infrared heat inside a controlled environment. The heat is generated by invisible electromagnetic waves that improve blood circulation. It also causes a vigorous sweating of the body which, in turn, increases the heart rate triggering similar effects to moderate exercise. For those who cannot withstand the heat inside a traditional steam sauna, infrared sauna treatments are much more tolerable – producing the same benefits at much lower temperatures. Additionally, several scientific studies support the theory that toxins including mercury, lead, arsenic and more, can be released through the sweating excretory pathway during sauna treatment.

Heart Healthy

Infrared Sauna treatments offer key benefits towards the possibility of fighting various types of heart disease – which are customizable through the array of personalized heat settings. Infrared saunas are designed to enjoy a comforting warmth throughout your body with easy-to-control temperature settings so each individual can get a customized sauna session to optimize relaxation and comfort. The calming heat slowly penetrates the body, leading to a reduction of inflammation and improved circulation– these are both extremely beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease. Additionally, Chromotherapy light options and audio entertainment allow users to adjust customizable settings to enhance the mood of their personalized session, further promoting relaxation and adding to the benefits of your session.

Pain Management

Good Health Infrared Sauna treatments have been shown to aid in fighting a variety of health issues and are great for pain management. While you are inside the Good Health Infrared Sauna, infrared light covers 360 degrees around your body with penetrating heat to target painful areas. As an added benefit, the built-in continuous oxygen ionizing feature keeps the air clean and fresh inside the infrared sauna, keeping the air in the sauna as fresh and clean as the air outdoors!

Total Relaxation

Heat has long been a method applied to improve blood flow by opening up blood vessels and relaxing the muscles. Within only a few minutes of exposure to the comforting heat from our infrared sauna treatment, you will begin to feel your muscle tension relax and experience an improvement in blood circulation. This can aid in delivering more oxygen to vital areas of the body, including your brain, leaving you feeling restored and rejuvenated in both mind and body! It can also aid in releasing endorphins, which are your body’s natural “feel good” chemical, further elevating your mood.

In addition, for those who cannot exercise regularly or adequately, no matter the reason, experiencing radiant heat delivered by the infrared sauna is a beneficial way to get similar results that exercise produces without adding any stress to your muscles, tissues, joints and bones. The relaxation derived from being in the sauna can improve circulation of the blood and relieve tense muscles, as well as release the natural endorphins that make you feel good!

Controlling Weight

Our Good Health Infrared Sauna system offers key benefits to controlling your body weight using an important feature which allows our heat settings to be completely customized to suit your individual needs. Everyone knows that sweat sheds your body of excess fats, toxins and water. So turn up the heat and you can literally sweat off those pounds at your own personal comfort level. With 360 degrees of total body heat penetration, meaning the heat is surrounding and being absorbed by your body at every angle – even the floor, means your internal systems, blood stream and skin are receiving the correct level of circulation. This, according to leading experts, is optimal for managing your weight. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Our Good Health Infrared Sauna treatments offer key benefits for those who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, utilizing 360 degrees of penetrating heat, which goes beneath the outer layer of the skin to greatly improve circulation and blood flow to the areas in the body impacted by arthritis.

The unique design of ceramic and carbon heaters, which are located throughout the whole sauna, offers our customers assurance they are receiving the best infrared heat treatment to optimize health without having to sit uncomfortably or move around.

An added feature of using our infrared saunas may include calming the painful symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis using our optional Chromotherapy lighting feature. Setting the tone and mood of the lighting to suit your individual taste can enhance your overall benefits. Our Chromotherapy can be adjusted to deep relaxing purple or a cool soothing blue, or whatever color helps you to improve your overall relaxation.

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