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The technology used in Normatec Compression was developed by a physician bioengineer. The goal of this technological advancement was to speed up recovery and improve blood flow. Thanks to scientific research, the success of Normatec Compression in achieving these goals has now been clinically proven. Studies show it increases circulation, alleviates soreness and helps athletes to achieve their best performance.

How Normatec Compression Works

Normatec technology uses a patented PULSE pattern to massage in three varying ways:

  1. Pulsing

  2. Gradients

  3. Distal Release


Rather than squeezing to transport fluid out of the legs, Normatec utilizes pulsing as the mechanism to mimic how muscles naturally pump fluid in your body.


Lymphatic blood vessels naturally have a one-way valve to prevent fluids from backflowing. The pulsing technology used by Normatec holds pressures to keep everything flowing correctly in the proper direction, therefore preventing backflow.

This beneficial feature also allows maximum pressure over the legs for each specific zone.


Pressure which is static can have adverse effects on circulation if it is applied for too long. Normatec utilizes 'Sequential Pulse Technology’ to release pressure holds when they are not needed any longer. This safeguards each limb portion getting the maximally optimal rest in between the cycles of compression.

Who Can Benefit from Normatec?

  • Pregnant women who need to decrease the buildup of leg fluids. This is particularly useful for women in the third trimester of pregnancy.

  • Pro Athletes and weekend warriors who may have soreness in their legs from training.

  • Those who suffer from sore and tired legs from spending all day on their feet.

  • Those who spend the day sitting at a desk and may have excess fluid build up or bad circulation in their legs as a result of sitting too long.

  • Cyclists, Cross Fitters, Swimmers, Runners, or anyone who is active and trying to refresh their legs before a race or prior to an event.

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