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Located in picturesque Skaneateles, REVIVE is proudly the first of its kind wellness center in the Finger Lakes region.

Real Results for Real People – a day spa that offers natural methods for whole body wellness and vitality.

At REVIVE Cryo & Wellness, you can be assured you will receive personalized attention by caring professionals who strive to make your wellness their number one priority and help you reach the desired results you deserve. Our state-of-the art center is designed with your whole wellbeing in mind. We pride ourselves on offering the latest equipment and techniques so you can get back to being your best self – feeling and looking great! It all starts from within. When you feel great, it shows!

With our advanced cryo (cold therapy) treatments, your blood will deliver oxygen to areas of your body where it is most needed to generate the repair of damage at the cellular level, thereby returning you to a state of wellness. You’ll feel your whole being transformed safely and effectively. With our relaxing treatments you will see results. Quickly relieve swelling, inflammation, soreness, back/joint/muscle pain, stiffness and spasms, and reduce bruising.

If you’re in need of trimming down, our non-invasive, painless treatments using cryo-slimming technology can effortlessly take as much as 2 inches off your waistline as well as trim down stubborn problem areas on your arms and thighs – completely naturally, with absolutely no down time or painful side effects!

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