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Kaasen ™ is the most advanced technology and smallest device of its kind in the world using Cryostimulation. More and more leading Healthcare professionals are turning to this device to treat their patients. The Kaasen uses localized cryotherapy, also known as local cryotherapy or targeted cryotherapy to directly treat a specific area for optimal results.


• Cryo Sculpting

• Cryo Toning

• Cryo Slimming

• Cellulite Reduction

• Help with rosacea, psoriasis and eczema

• Reduction of scars and stretch marks

Kaasen™ is unique in its ability to deliver treatment to localized areas of the body using COMPRESSION and ICE by cooling those areas to 4 degrees Celsius utilizing liquid carbon dioxide. This method triggers stimulation causing a natural reaction that responds to the specific targeted stimulus.

This response to sudden rapid cooling will cause a direct and immediate increase of oxygen flow in the bloodstream, thereby sending nutrient-rich blood to the targeted area. This also increases the naturally occurring chemical hormone called norepinephrine, as well as neurotransmitters like beta-dopamine. The treatment also improves lymphatic drainage, which carries away toxins and dead fat cells.

The Kaasen™ state-of-the-art technology can be used in:

  • Treating and managing localized pain

  • Promoting hair growth

  • Body sculpting

  • Cryo Facials


Constricting blood vessels and muscles slows down the blood flow, forcing the hormonal and immune systems to respond. Blood vessels subsequently dilate to quadruple their normal size! This causes the targeted area to become flooded with nutrients, oxygen-rich blood, activated enzymes and hormones. This is the start to the healing process.

Fat Freezing and Skin Tightening

Our localized cryotherapy treatments cool the skin in just seconds to between 32° - 39°F. This begins the process of destroying fat cells beneath the skin without harming any vital body tissues. Fat cells are destroyed permanently and eliminated through the normal digestive system in the body.

Many clients experience an instant loss of an inch or inches, as well as tighter skin. Upon seeing these results, many clients are exhilarated by and enthusiastic to return for additional treatments.

This localized cryotherapy process is usually painless. A full sculpting treatment of the abdomen takes only about 6-8 minutes to complete. Once treatments begin, full abdominal sculpting sessions continue for approximately 6 months to achieve optimal and lasting results.

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Cryo Slimming & Cryo Toning
Powered by Cryolipolysis

Our toning and slimming treatments are powered by Cryolipolysis – an effective treatment which safely destroys fat cells. This cold treatment causes fat cells to die off. Fat loss can be permanent when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

The human body produces fat cells on a continuing basis. How much fat is produced depends on individual lifestyle choices, including diet. As with any fat reduction, if you make the wrong lifestyle choices fat often returns, so it's important to pair treatment with a healthy lifestyle. Cryo treatments are currently seeing results of up to 20% fat loss. Unlike other treatments using fat freezing technology, our system typically has minimal or no side effects and is custom tailored to suit your individual needs. Our method allows us to target unwanted fat in the stomach, jawline, arms, legs, back, buttocks and the dreaded muffin top.

Pain Management

The Kaasen™ is like an icepack on steroids – yet completely natural and safe! 

  • Movement Free of Pain

  • Our system reduces pain causing inflammation throughout the body and reduces the possibility of tissue damage caused by swelling.

  • Patients often find they can begin their physical rehabilitation as soon as 7 days earlier than without local cryo stimulation due to the rapid improvement in the body’s inflammatory response induced by thermal shock. This method also contributes to a broader range of motion by enhancing rehabilitation via kinetic therapy.

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“Cryotherapy” literally means “treatment using low temperature”. It can complement the treatments used for chronic tissue damage and acute pain following surgery or an injury. It can also be used as part of sports injury recovery and training regimes simply by the application of ice-cold temperature to reduce swelling and relieve sprains.

Localized cryo application directly to an injury induces the body’s natural reaction to lower temperature. Cooling the body significantly initiates an incredible biological response which naturally promotes recovery and healing of damaged tissues.

Until recently, treatments have primarily used the application of ice-packs, ice baths, cold plates or a whole-body cryo chamber. While these techniques do provide benefits, they generally do not provide for the optimal level of cooling needed to achieve the best results. With targeted cryotherapy, we can focus all our attention on the specific area to assure optimal temperature for optimal beneficial effect.

Kaasen™ treatments utilize a combination of pressure and cooling, which is a unique process able to deliver localized COMPRESSION and ICE to the targeted area of treatment, cooling it to 4 degrees Celsius utilizing the sub-freezing temperatures of liquid carbon dioxide in order to stimulate the body’s natural response. The process is technically called Thermal Shock, but don’t be alarmed, it’s not nearly as scary as the name suggests! It’s quite comfortable and is often accompanied by immediate relief.

This process of rapid cooling causes the body to respond immediately by increasing nutrient-rich blood and oxygen flow to the treatment area. It also causes hormones and neurotransmitters to increase, improves lymphatic drainage and promotes the natural elimination of toxins as well as dead fat cells.

This State-of-The-Art technology is capable of treatments for Cryo-facials, body sculpting, the promotion of hair regrowth and localized pain management. 

Frotox Cryo Facial

The Kaasen can smooth wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, mouth, neck and nose by stimulating the natural production of collagen, elastin and hydration of the skin all with the use of localized cryotherapy. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and invigorated. These facial treatments take only between 30 seconds to 2 minutes to achieve results.

The Kaasen Cryo Facials, also called Frotox, can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate areas around the eyes and mouth, as well as the neck and nose, by stimulating the basal cells to induce skin rejuvenation and through collagen production and hydration. This results in plumping and smoothing of fine lines and invigorates the skin.

Frotox facials take only 30 seconds to 2 minutes with marvelous results. Skin Tightening treatments can be applied to any area of the body, not just the face. The treatments will stimulate elastin and skin collagen production, pulling loose aged skin tighter and naturally turning back the clock on your age!

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